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Scholarship Recipient Demographics


2023 Scholarship Awards

Awarded six (6) scholarships, for a total of $14,500. Received over 140 applications, marking our largest applicant pool to date.

A New Identity
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DI4W undergoes major facelift to revitalize their brand image, bringing modernization and professionalism to their new look. The new branding shifts focus to the story and values of DI4W.

Offical DI4W Logo
Inaugural DI4W Legacy Run 5K

Hosted inaugural 5K at White Deer Park. The Legacy Run was a major success, with around 150 participants & over $10,000 raised.

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The 2nd Annual Funding the Future Event

The DI4W Foundation hosted its 2nd Annual "Funding the Future" event. Another outstanding turn out, this year at Rush Hour Karting, helping the foundation raise over $24,000.

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